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Modular facilities management

Asckey provides a cloud-based modular suite of applications that allows you to build your own comprehensive facilities management system.

Any new technology comes at a cost and it’s just not always possible to buy an entire package in one go, especially when you might not be using much of its functionality on a regular basis. This is why we make our software products modular instead of creating one big FM system. For many organisations it is a more cost-effective option, in both the short and long term, to buy just the part you need when you need it and retain the flexibility and financial control to add-on other parts of the software package as and when the time is right, or budgets allow.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for then please don’t despair! We also offer bespoke development, so we can look to work with you to build an application that meets your specifications.


fmfirst Cleaning

Demonstrate compliance with the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness.

fmfirst Estates

Simplify compliance management and optimise asset performance.

fmfirst Portering

Creation and management of porter tasks for busy, on the go departments.

fmfirst Survey

Achieve fast and accurate data input with our tailored survey software.

fmfirst Tasking

A task management solution that helps manage and drive operational decisions.

SFG20 Integration

Includes over 1200 maintenance schedules across more than 70 equipment types.